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The lure of a good detective mystery is like a siren call to one such as me who lives to sleuth vicariously through books.

And if the one who's doing the sleuthing is an independent, self-confident, and intelligent woman? All the more alluring.

Devil's Gold is a simple, exciting whodunit story following one of the three sisters of the family-run Black Rose Investigations. Tough, a little bit of a black-sheep, and disorganized, she inherited their father's eye for details. A talent which would come in handy in this missing person case that is nothing usual.

Dixie was a fun character to follow. Fun and sarcastic, she had a devil-may-care attitude as long as it helped the case move along and actually help the ones who needed help.

And I especially liked it that despite the side detours and distractions provided by one sexy Marine, the storytelling was simple and straight-to-the-point with clues and turns evenly spread out. I hadn't even guessed who did it until the very end.

Devil's Gold introduced one of three kick-ass sisters/investigators. I'm looking forward to reading about the others.

Devil’s Gold
Black Rose Mystery #1
Amanda McKinney
Publication Date: February 13, 2018
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller
Despite being chronically late, occasionally disheveled and a tad disorganized, Dixie Knight is one of the top private investigators in the country, and when a young woman goes missing in the small, Southern town of Devil’s Den, Dixie takes the case. She expected it to be another ordinary missing person case—until Lizzie Meyers is found naked and beaten to death at a local, seedy motel.

While visiting relatives on his two-week leave, Marine Liam Cash bumps into Dixie at the local bar, and his attraction to her is immediate. When Liam connects Dixie’s current case to two unsolved murders in his hometown, he steps in to help find the killer, and keep her safe, whether Dixie wants him to or not.

After another woman is found brutally beaten, Dixie turns the town upside down trying to solve the mystery—could it be the rumored witch that lives in the mountains; the rich, neurotic doctor’s wife; or the perky, blonde receptionist at the local medical clinic?

Time is running out and Dixie knows she has to put the pieces of the puzzle together before another body turns cold in Devil’s Den.

About the Author

Amanda McKinney, author of Sexy, Suspenseful Mysteries wrote her debut novel, LETHAL LEGACY, after walking away from her career to become a writer and stay-at-home mom. When Amanda isn’t tending to her two beautiful boys, she’s hidden behind her computer screen crafting page-turning murder mysteries, peppered with titillating love scenes. Having been born and raised in the south, Amanda’s books are set in small, country towns and reflect southern culture at its finest.

Amanda’s debut novel, LETHAL LEGACY, was released in January 2017, followed by the first two books in the BERRY SPRINGS SERIES, THE WOODS and THE LAKE. The third book in the series, THE STORM is scheduled to be released in the Winter of 2017.

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  1. Thanks so much for your review and giveaway as well.

  2. This sounds like a fun read and I like the sounds of Dixie already! Glad you liked it! :)

  3. I am so happy you enjoyed this! I also really enjoyed; however, unlike you, I hated the mysterious Marine man being added into the story. It just felt as a romance HAD to be added. Anyway, great review and I cannot wait to read more of your reviews!


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