Book Review: Gifted by J.A. George

The Hayven #1
J.A. George
Publication Date: April 13, 2016
Genre: YA Paranormal
There is no chosen one in this story.

Avery Gray was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to make a decision that altered her future forever. It happens to all of us every day.

Avery is a size twelve university student with a penchant for dry humour, and she’s as normal as they come. Up until now, the biggest choice she’s had to make was glasses or contacts? At the moment, it’s stay and save, or leave and be saved.

Allow me to explain. One rainy afternoon, Avery had to make a choice: go through the alleyway or around it. Two possible options. One would have had her future continue on as planned, the other would ensure that her future never remained the same again. She unknowingly went with the latter.

But change is not always bad. Avery meets Theodore-James Connors, an enigmatic young man who takes her to Hayven, a city separated from the rest of the world, where only gifters – ordinary people with extra-ordinary gifts – can go. She soon finds herself in a close-knit group of friends she’d never have imagined herself in. Friends who are diverse in every possible way, from their ethnic backgrounds, to their personalities, from their gifts, to their life stories. Friends who make her laugh, who make her cry, who make her think and who make her…her.

However, change is not always good. The beautiful, golden city of Hayven has its dark side – Cliders. Gifters turned rogue, aka, Cliders are determined to aid fallen Clider, Madrina, return to rule Hayven. They will stop at nothing to make that happen, including harming those Ava has grown to love.

Again, Ava is faced with a choice: spend her days finding a way to inhibit Madrina’s return, or walk away. After all, she isn’t the chosen one. Yet, there exists a third option – rig the future itself and make it work for her.

  • I've always liked reading about a girl who was not that comfortable with herself, especially the physical aspect of herself, and throughout the story discovered something extraordinary (and I am not only talking about fantastical bit) and proceeds to grow and be more confident with herself. Reminds me about myself; although I am still learning. Ava is smart and strong; she continued to surprise me at every turn and I admire her more at every turn of the page. 
  • And thank goodness, thank goodness, she's not hung-up on the potential love interest. *give gratitude to the Seven*
  • There are stories that are told slowly and never get anywhere and you're left bored and asking when things are going to start. Then the are stories that are told slowly but you can just feel that the it is definitely moving forward.
  • At first glance, Gifted seemed to be going slow because nothing action-y was taking place. Some time ago I would have abandoned it at the halfway mark since I would've wanted to be all Go! Go! Go! But with Gifted, I wasn't bored at all and took things one thing at a time. I never felt that it was dragging.


-No instalove. Thank the Maker.

-Why is it that that sometimes when the MC meets new people, particularly paranormal people, their friends (before they met the new paranormal friends) seemed to be set aside, forgotten, made to forget or who would do something reprehensible that their friendship goes kaput?

Ayanami Faerudo

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