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Warning: Some spoilers ahead

The title does sound like a self-help for finding The One for you, isn’t it? 

I believe in that kind of love, although I am afraid of falling in love. And when I do fall in love, for real? I am scared to lose that one person or that I would love that person more than he loves me. 

Image Source: Ex-Boyfriend recovery (that's rather an inappropriate name for a site with a quote like this)

But isn’t that what true love is all about? Loving another unconditionally without fear? My dear, as Madame de Fer of Dragon Age Inquisition would say, only idiots are not afraid. Charlotte, best friend to one Lizzie Bennet, would then quip: 

“We are all fools in love.” 

I have seen what my mother had gone through and no matter what anyone says, I will be overly cautious. 

But this is not what I am here to talk about. I am here to discuss about True Love, Soulmates and Reincarnation in YA, or for that matter, in all books. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking all about reincarnation and soulmates. I do believe in that concept but there has been something that was nagging me. 

In Girl at Midnight, Echo was discovered to be the current vessel of the mythical firebird. It was also revealed that Rose, Caius’s past love, was the previous vessel. It is not a reincarnation situation but the similarities between the two girls bares the question on whether or not Caius loves Echo for who she is and not just a reminder, an echo per se, of Rose. 

The same question applies to the Immortal Beloved series, Elixir series, The Immortal series, etc. When one of the couple is immortal/retains his/her memories from the get-go and the other is reborn maybe with a different appearance, personality or beliefs or he/she basically is the same person but with a different name. 

So, you found your soulmate. What now? True love is a beautiful thing and meeting your soulmate again is probably one of the best moments in your life. Shared memories and shared experiences of previous lives could hey, make you bond immediately and maybe love at first sight is a possibility but I draw the line at instalove. No. Way. Sorry, honey. 

But, isn’t love at first sight and instalove somewhat the same?

Hmmmm… No, not for me, at least. Love at first sight is that flash of insight that this person is someone who would make life be never be the same again. So you proceed to get to know him/her better, probably bonding through shared memories (if you’re reincarnates) and discovering new things about each other. Instalove on the other hand is like when Briar Rose agreed to marry the prince after him kissing her awake from a hundred years of slumber. 

Did they even know each other’s names? 

That is why I didn’t like Endless by Amanda Gray. The couple, one an immortal, the other a reincarnate, were basically strangers. No matter how familiar you are with each other, he lived a hundreds of years before meeting you again, what was he in those years? 

I mean, if reincarnation does exist, I’d probably punch my soulmate at the first meeting. 

But despite these unbelievable instances, I still believe in soulmates. My favorite mythos about soulmates and reincarnation is the one described in L.J. Smith’s books, The Secret Circle, The Night World and The Vampire Diaries. The Soulmate Principle has definitive and descriptive parameters that could be applied believably with the L.J. Smith pairs. You can read about here. The silver string connecting soulmates is somewhat similar to the Asian red thread of fate. The thing is, even though there was instant connection between the couples in those books, they recognized that that person were unfamiliar such as the case of Hannah and Thierry in book six of the Night World series. 

It makes you want to believe in true love. 

It makes you long for someone who is the right person for you, one who would complement your being, mind, personality and heart but would also supplement the traits that you lack. As cliché as it may sound, someone who would complete you.

Ayanami Faerudo

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