Book Review: The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

The Restorer 

Graveyard Queen #1
Amanda Stevens
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
My name is Amelia Gray. I'm a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts. In order to protect myself from the parasitic nature of the dead, I've always held fast to the rules passed down from my father. But now a haunted police detective has entered my world and everything is changing, including the rules that have always kept me safe.

It started with the discovery of a young woman's brutalized body in an old Charleston graveyard I've been hired to restore. The clues to the killer and to his other victims lie in the headstone symbolism that only I can interpret. Devlin needs my help, but his ghosts shadow his every move, feeding off his warmth, sustaining their presence with his energy. To warn him would be to invite them into my life. I've vowed to keep my distance, but the pull of his magnetism grows ever stronger even as the symbols lead me closer to the killer and to the gossamer veil that separates this world from the next.
The Ghost Whisperer marathon I’ve been doing lately must be getting to me since I went and read this book. I figured Oooohhh, a cemetery restorer (which I haven’t heard of before. There’s really someone whose job is to restore this? Maybe I’m not familiar with it since we don’t have them in our country. I think.) who sees ghosts(which is kind of cliché but *shrugs*) with a murder mystery to solve, this must be my lucky day.

And it was. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Restorer, not only was I reading something different from the usual fodder but the combination that I mentioned above was the right mixture to stir things up a bit. The plot was fast-paced, intriguing and engaging but what mattered to me was that even though there was a murder investigation going on, the narrative did not forget about the characters’ stories and development. In fact, I became more invested in knowing more about the characters than with the mystery. I usually tend to focus more on the mystery (You know about that belief saying that it’s always the quiet ones and you shake your head because it’s too obvious to be the answer, well I made that mistake here and….) But the characters, the characters, the characters… the mysteries behind them are more intricate that I can’t wait to find out more in the next books.
Ayanami Faerudo

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