#BookBlogWriMo Day 03: Where You Read

It's day 3 of BookBlogWriMo!

If anyone doesn't know about BookBlogWriMo then... well, it just started this year. Hosted by Brittany of Book BumblingsBookBlogWriMo is a "a lax version of NaNoWriMo for book bloggers. [There are] prompts for each day, discussing different topics around books, blogging, and books + blogging."

Today's topic is: Where You Read.
Pretty self-explanatory. Bonus for a picture!
On the bed, on the couch... anywhere I would be comfy. I usually begin by sitting down, then half-reclining, and ending up flat on my back with my legs on the back of the couch. XD
Ayanami Faerudo

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  1. I always end up laying down when reading too! Even in bed I am sitting up, or at least half propped up on a pillow or something.. That's never how it ends though! Love your picture, btw!

    My #BookBlogWriMo
    Kenzi @Shattered Hearts Reviews


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