Movie Review: Rubinrot

First of all, I want to thank my Pottermore mother, BludgerQueen Tatyana, for tweeting about this movie. I did not know that they adapted the book into a movie. Too bad, it was in German - originally. But thanks to the wonder of the internet and my good friend Joyce, I got my hands on a English-dubbed one - although I dislike dubbing since most of them do a bad job of it. But hey, I couldn't complain this one because as much as the visual gives context clues, I just wanted to say what they're saying.

Well, as all book-to-movie adaptations, things get lost in translation. However, I didn't any qualms when I was watching Rubinrot (yes, I'm using the German translation because I like the sound of it better). Oh, there were many technicalities about time travel, much that were in the book but was not included in the movie and, let's just say that you watch movie first before reading the book. At least I could now clearly visualize Gideon and I wasn't bored movie - much - unlike some parts in the book. Frankly, all I was concerned about was watching the face of Jannis Niewöhner and his ponytail.

The dynamics of the Montrose family was not expounded here so the family drama was kept at a minimum. The main focus was the time travel and the two leads. Surprise, surprise. As I said, with a limit of two hours you could only get peak-a-boo scenes (although there was a subtle reveal of Gwendolyn's past). All in all, I could forgive this movie. I enjoyed watching it. Much like the book, Rubinrot was just the introduction and I hope the overall plot would get a little more explanation in the second film which is out now... in Germany.

Ayanami Faerudo

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