DNF: Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire

Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire
불의 여신 정이
Starring: Moon Geun Young, Lee Sang Youn, Kim Beom, Jeon Kwang Leol
A Historical drama about Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi, the first female potter in the Joseon Dynasty and regarded as the dojo of Shintaro porcelain. ‘Yoo Jung’ is based on the real historical figure ‘Baek Pa Sun’, the lady porcelain maker who lived a life of an intense love and artistic spirit.

Yoo Jung is a girl who dreams to be the top porcelain artist of the Joseon Dynasty. She is gifted with the born talent and skill in porcelain making. She develops her dream, builds up her skill, and endeavors to live a life as the best porcelain artist. The drama is set in a porcelain workshop ‘Boon Won’ in Joseon Dynasty. The porcelain produced in Joseon Dynasty is evaluated to have the highest quality of the 16th century in Asia. The porcelain culture is known to be the mixture of science and art. This drama tells about Jung Yi early life in Joseon instead of Japan, where a shrine is dedicated to her.

This drama also depicts the love story of Jung Yi and Kwang Hae. Prince Kwang Hae is a sad prince whose life was like a wild storm. He had to let go of Jung Yi no matter how deep his love. He will go through a lonely struggle because he could not put out a flame in his heart toward a woman he loved. Source
Jung Yi finally made it to the Bunwon Kiln or where the royal ceramics are being made. There she faced numerous challenges since it was unheard of for a woman to become a ceramist. The highest rank you could attain was to become an assistant to a ceramist. So what can she do but disguise herself as a boy - a trope that was done with Sungkyungkwan Scandal and Painter of the Wind (where coincidentally - or not as coincidentally - the same actress played the titular character). 

I think I must have stopped at the 21st episode. I guess I was bored with it since it was becoming stale what with the same things kept on happening over and over again. She enters the Bunwon Kiln but she is opposed by the Royal Ceramist and others of his ilk. She faces a challenge and triumphs but her enemies come up with something and she is kicked out. She returns to the Bunwon Kiln either she solves that was too much for the official ceramists or she is dragged back by the Prince which coincidentally is one of her love interests. Then, the cycle begins again. Throw in what happened historically (pressure from Big Brother China and the antagonism of the Japanese) and voila! A sageuk! 

Speaking of the prince, does it always have to be the prince (or any guy that belongs to the the upper class) versus a guy she grew up with (a poor, common street guy)? I don't have anything against this kind of set-up but if used frequently... I begin rooting for the other guy. Actually, I prefer Kim Beom's character here compared to the prince. But he dies and Jung Yi doesn't even end up with the prince even though in the real story, she marries Kim Tae Do.

Ah, you might probably be puzzled why I know this when I said that I did not finish it. I read Wikipedia. Faster, more efficient and I don't have to see the same thing over and over again.
Ayanami Faerudo

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