Feature & Follow Friday #3

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Welcome, welcome to FF Friday! How was your Halloween? Stomachache from all the candy you've eaten? Horror movie marathon? Coolest costume ever? Scary stories?

I'm quite envious you guys because some of you celebrate this old holiday, Samhain. We don't have that here. We celebrate the saints on November 1 and the dead on November 2. We go to our cemeteries, clean the tombs of our departed loved ones and generally have a picnic there. We also stay all night there, sleeping on top of the tombs. In past years, there was even had karaoke. But they banned it this year. Probably because when there's karaoke, there's drinking, when there's drinking, there were fights. Some of the times these fights turn fatal.

Anyway, back to FF Friday. Today's Feature & Follow Friday question is:
What book are you embarrassed to admit you LOVED? (try to think beyond Twilight).

Ah, darn. I was going to say Twilight. Actually, when I first read Twilight, I absolutely loved it; because of the romance, the premise and the general excitement of the paranormal. It was the first time I ventured beyond Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I even recommended the books to my roommates and they liked it. It was not after I've opened my reading world further, discovered book blogs, read a few more - and better - YA books (including vampire ones) that I absolutely came to realize that something was not right with the book. Twilight was okay. But it stopped there and it went downhill. Truth, be told, I didn't even liked Bella even when I was in my initial Twilight phase. I can admit however, that Twilight became my doorway to discovering the YA world. Nowadays, the books are just... there.

Aside from that... Wait. When I was in high school, I was embarrassed to admit to my friends that I read bodice ripper books. Not really ideal reading for a 13-going-on-14 year old. But hey, I'm not the only one who discovered her mother's stash of romance novels.

Aside from those, I have not read any book to be embarrassed about. Nope. None.
Ayanami Faerudo


  1. Same here! Twilight would've been my first answer. It was my first foray into YA paranormal and it opened the doors for me as well. I don't hate it now, but having read them twice and still finding other books I like way better, I'm over it and don't want to revisit those any time soon. Great answer!

    New GFC follower :)
    Amanda @ i solemnly swear

  2. I loved your comment about bodice rippers! Too funny. I loved and still love Twilight even though I'm extremely critical of them now that I've read hundreds of paranormal romance books. Here's mine: My Feature

    New follower via Bloglovin'.

  3. Hopping through. Where are you that you don't celebrate Halloween? Are you in the Philippines? I'm a long time Twilight fan. I asked people to think beyond it so there'd be more creativity. And there has been :-)
    My FF

  4. You don't celebrate Halloween? Personally, I don't really celebrate it either. Is what you celebrate kind of like Day of The Dead? (I'm asking because I'm really fascinated by that.) Oh! I was the same with Twilight, I really did love it before, but it did get me reading again, and it did help me find some series (like Vampire Academy) that I really love now, and are my favourites. :)

    Heres mine

    -New bloglovin follower.

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

    1. It is like the Day of the Dead but we don't put up decorations and it's not that colorful.

  5. I was the same. Embarrassed to admit that I read romance novels back in high school.

    My FF: Buried Under Romance

    Following you via twitter @buriedromance, GFC, and Bloglovin

  6. I don't really get embarrassed by any of the books I love to be honest, sometimes book covers embarrass me though!!! My FFF.


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