Mini Movie Review: Percy Jackson ~ The Sea of Monsters

This adaptation of one of the Percy Jackson books was better than the first one. Annabelle's a blonde.

And more or less was closer to the book than The Lightning Thief movie. There were changes of course  -what's a film adaptation without them? For cinematic purposes, director's creative genius, producers' this will make more money, what have you. Changing the prophecy's age limit (16 to 20), was Kronos supposed to be almost resurrected here(?), and some scenes that were not supposed to be there.

Am I being a purist? No. It's just that you have to remind yourself that you are banking the film's success on the fans of the books to make this remotely successful.
Ayanami Faerudo

3D what 3D? It was an effing waste of money. It would have been better if I watched it in 2D.

Also a note to moviegoers, SHUT YOUR HOWLING SCREAMER! Don't talk inside the theater. If need be, talk in hushed whispers. But the worst thing you can do is have a running commentary of the movie - what will happen, who someone is, what is or not supposed to be there and basically disturbing the people around you. I get that you are excited to relay details of the story (everyone who read the books would be itching to do so) but you are only coming across as a smartass. Reserve any comments or questions AFTER the movie.

And please, smart ass girl, you don't even know your Harry Potter. 

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