I Am Back!

I'm finally back home after three months in Japan - visiting disaster-affected areas, attending lectures, volunteering at various sites, experiencing new things, eating a lot (nyahaha) and, most importantly, meeting new friends.

Golly, I've only been nine hours here and I want to go back already... also because it's so hot here! Imagine, my body was being conditioned for winter for the past months and bam! It's suddenly 31 degrees!

It's almost 11:30 PM as I write this and I'm feeling a bit lonely since usually, the girls and I will be talking and laughing around this time. Eh, I miss them already. T^T

In other news, regular posting of reviews is back in its regular schedule... if I ever post reviews regularly. Nyahaha. There's a blog tour going on - Undertow by Kiri R. Newton - from 1st to 31st of December and I'm gonna be the stop for December 23rd. So come and stop by.

Also, book blitz abound this month and some of them have giveaways like the Frost Fire Book Blitz (enter the giveaway here). Schedules are on the sidebar.

I guess that's it for now unless I start listing names of food... Eh, I'm gonna go and eat dinner.

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