Book Haul (11)

Book Haul is a feature post which showcases the books that I got. 

You can take the girl out of her usual book-buying environment (whatever that is) and put her in a foreign country where she can't understand half of the titles in their bookstores but you can't stop her from buying books especially when they're only 105 yen each. 

Granted they're pre-loved but who cares, they're books! There were also British editions of the other Harry Potter books but I didn't have any room anymore in my bags so I had to settle for these books.

The day after I got back from Japan, I was preparing to go out to run some errands. Just as I was opening the door, there came a knock. It was the delivery guy! And look what I received:

A huge thank you to Kate Evangelista who perfectly timed her sending of the book. Did I say that right?


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  1. Oh, I loved DaVinci Code! And I can't wait to read Reaping Me Softly! Enjoy :)


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