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I committed to read around five books from the TBR pile in the last two weeks. And I'm ashamed I haven't kept the bargain. I finished The Poison Eaters, though. It was dark, darkly enchanting. I was surprised that Holly Black included a story from the Philippines -all about engkanto. I liked every story in that book and I think the first one merits a book of its own, since there's something there to expand with.

I decided I'll have my review requests Torn and Ugly to Start With to be read for another day. Next month maybe. I'll be reading Sundays at Tiffany's this weekend after I finish The Immortal Rules. Speaking of TIR... I'm a few chapters in. It was like I was watching a movie (along the lines of Underworld) in my head. Action right from the start and a tough heroine. By thunder! And coincidentally, have you heard the news? The Immortal Rules has been optioned for a movie by Palomar Pictures!

Anyway, I'll finish The Immortal Rules this weekend - just in time for its release on the 24th. I'd also start, finally, reading Sundays at Tiffany's which would be my TBRIC for this week.


What's your favorite food to eat or drink to beat the heat?

Mine is halu-halo. It's a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk, sugar, and various sweet beans and fruit topped with leche flan, purple yam and/or ice cream.


  1. You shouldn't be ashamed we all make goals for ourselves most of the time we make them bigger than what we can feasibly accomplish in the time we give them to ourselves. I was planning to read 4 books beyond my challenge list and just didn't get around to it. But I don't yet need to change my schedule so even though I'm not happy with my self discipline for the week I still have time to get them done. Granted I need to read on this week if I'm going to get it posted without changing my schedule but no worries yet. I don't think you should beat yourself up about either.

    You finished one and you're almost finished with a second one. So that's awesome and I have no doubts you'll have The Immortal Rules finished in no time flat. I hadn't heard they were making a movie of it so that's awesome news. Just saw The Hunger Games last night and that way a truly excellent movie. I have no doubts The Immortal Rules will be just as awesome. I'm wondering though if they'll find an Asian actress to play the role and stay true to the book or if they'll just pick a dark haired popular actress like the oh what's her name she's in the movie Mirror, Mirror right now and slated to play Clary in the Mortal Instruments movies. I think her name's Lily something or other and she's really popular right now. Kristen Stewart is another popular dark haired actress. Neither of which are Asian in origin but I wouldn't put it beyond Hollywood to ignore that part of the description. Are you planning to post your Immortal Rules review on release day? That would be kind of funny since mines posting that day lol. :) Not that I don't expect to be one of many blogging running a review of that piece on the 24th.

    I have no doubts you'll get all these done and be happy with your post for next week :)

    My favorite drink in the summer is Sun Tea. You put 8 tea bags in a big glass gallon jug of water sit it own in the sun for a couple ours remove tea bag and refrigerate until cold. Personally I think it tastes awesome and it's one of the few things I drink that aren't like a meal and a few more pounds on my body in the process. I can't think of any foods that I associate with summer. But sun tea and summer go hand in hand. :)

  2. You're not the only one who had trouble this week. lol I'm glad you liked The Poison Eaters! And that you're enjoying The Immortal Rules! So very cool! Best of luck this week with Sunday's at Tiffany's (which I totally want to call Breakfast at Tiffany's, and makes me want to spontaneously burst out out into a very bad rendition of Moon River... lol).

  3. immortal rules looks good, i like to eat yogurt for breakfast during the summer


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