Chocolate Truffles

I was watching All-Star Chocolate on the Lifestyle Network two nights ago and I, as someone who loves to cook, wanted to try the recipes. 

It's chocolate! Who says no to chocolate!?! 

I wanted to cook/bake the Chocolate Cracked Earth made by Tyler Florence (recipe here) but I don't have an oven. So, I went and tried the next best thing.

I've always wanted to make truffles ever since that cooking demonstration at our class-organized fair when I was in college. The recipe was easy and you don't need fancy techniques or such. And the recipe does not need an oven! Bonus! 

The TV show I mentioned above also featured Ina Garten's recipe for Chocolate Truffles (recipe here); and I found myself having time today and guts to try out a new recipe. So, the picture above is/are the finished product(s). It did not harden as well as I should like... maybe it was the cream. *sigh* Next time, I'll follow the recipe and use the right amount of cream.

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