Summer Ends and My Poor Aching Feet... T_T

This is a post where I am going to be rambling about mundane things from my everyday life....

How do you know that summer has already ended?

Two words: School enrollment.

It was another lazy day at the end of May that I suddenly bolted up from my mid-afternoon stupor and realized that it was the already the end of summer and by next week I'll be lugging my butt around campus looking for a Japanese language class that still have slots where I could beg a teacher to take me in so as to fulfill my course program's language requirement.

I tell you, much as I want to escape my grandmo... uh, my provincial town, I do not relish going back to months of lectures, papers, and deadlines. But I had another think and concluded that I might as well proceed with my graduate studies since I only have two semesters till I graduate.

Hardening my heart (and plugging my ears) against my grandmother's declarations of being alone for the next five months (it's a lie my stepfather and a house companion lives with her), I packed my backpack, hopped on a plane (which was delayed due to air traffic - who knew there would still be traffic in the skies?) and descended upon smog-clogged Metro Manila.

Yep, I am this dedicated. I start something which I heavily invested upon (those exorbitant tuition fees!) and I'll trudge along and finish it - bar boredom.

For the last two days, I had my poor feet walking all around the school campus and the mall in preparation for another semester of graduate school. Our university has an online pre-enlistment system so students could go and enlist the subjects they wanted and needed and come the actual week of enrollment all one has got to to do was to jostle, push, petition and line-up for extra classes that do not exist because of insufficient professors.

Before going to school, I was resolved to crisscross the humongous campus and fight for my right to have that language class - I need that! I don't want to spend thousands of pesos at an outside institution and I'd still have to take a proficiency exam! No sir, I'd rather have the class offered at the university, at least when I take it here I would not take an additional exam.

As luck would have it, I did not acquire it from the online pre-enlistment.

But luck really is tricky. Good thing I asked our college secretary about other options - turns out our college is finally offering an intensive Japanese language class. Whew.

All in all, I have 12 units worth of course units this semester. It was supposed to be 15 but our college secretary advised me against it. That means, I still have 12 units still left to fulfill.

Another reason that my feet are sore is that one friend dragged me around the mall. He's starting his first year as a law student this semester and he wanted to furnish his apartment so that it would be halfway decent to live in.

Suffice it to say that he needed a lot of things so we went up and down the staircases and the escalators, from one end of the mall to the other. Let's just say that we shopped at the largest mall in the country (and the world's biggest in leasable area), so imagine me tagging along. And my footwear were hard, unyielding things so they weren't very comfortable.

The only concession I had was that he treat me to lunch.

Summer already ended.

The lazy days are over.

The hot, clear summer days are gone.

.......... but the insanity of life still continues.


  1. You're helping Michael out, that's sweet. By the way, I'll be in Manila on July 6. Will be watching the Cirque Du Soleil show on the seventh, and will be home on the tenth. Hope to see you there!

  2. Oh, man. You won't be here for HP7.


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